Welcome to Valo'8

A proven expertise in the world of wellness; Val'O8 occupies a supreme name offering an integrated approach to holistic wellbeing programs spread across in various chapters of the Europe and Middle East. As the name implies "Val" a Latin term that emphasizes "strength" and "health".

Val'O8 UAE branch is located in King Faisal Street, Sharjah and is far removed from the concept of conventional wellness centers.

We are masters at diagnosing and analyzing the exact complication and shooting at key results is what we aim at. Our team employs qualified professionals who know how to analyze, administer, and advise treatments in perspective of the clientele requirements. We are proud to say that our key motto is to offer 100% client satisfaction and suit the saying “journey to a healthier you.”

At val’O8 the facilities what we house are Instant Inch Loss (technique for Figure Correction), Weight Loss (for Health and Fitness), Figure Correction, Personal Care treatments, and above all regular and advanced wellness services for male and female.


“Healthier Execution for Health” is the key vision of Val’O8 and it has been the reason for efficient output and the strongest reason behind clients delight.

Health and Fitness have been made accessible to all strata of society, thus serving a huge number of clients.

Are you, or do you have a family member who is…
  • suffering from weight issues or obesity?
  • seeking figure correction and good shape?
  • seeking young, energetic and beautiful?
  • post-physical therapy?
  • struggling with a fitness plateau?
  • seeking to improve coordination, mood/affect, flexibility or self-esteem?
Valo'8 serves these populations and more. Ask a Question

Give us a call, +971 6 5500 275 / 050 632 9334, send an email . We’d love to hear from you!